Father wanted with a piggy nose 2013

Jaël is struggling with questions about her descent: who is my biological father and do I resemble him?

 As a little girl Jael’s mother told her that when you plant seeds and look after them carefully  the seeds will transform into a flower.  Jaël is an equally beautiful flower she used to tell her. Today Jaël is 13 years old,  beyond the age of stories about flowers and seeds. Jaël simply wants to know who her donor father really is

 “I just want to know who he is and if I look like him”. Jaël wants to meet her donorfather.  She  is  13 years old, and will only be able to contact him when she turns 16 and receives his info.

But Jaël doesn’t want to wait any longer and she tries to get the psychiatrist to grant her permission to meet him before then. Her lesbian mother tries to support her as best as she possibly can. In the meantime, Jaël fantasizes about how he might be. How will he look like? What type of man will he be? All she knows is that her donorfather is Indonesian.  Therefore all Indonesian men –with those cute piggy noses- get her fullest attention….