Happy faces

Labrielle is 12 years old, but if you look at the way she lives, she seems much older than that. Her parents got divorced when she was six. She lives with her mother, who spends a lot of time at work, and she almost never sees her father. She misses him a lot. Often, Labrielle has to take care of her little sister and do some of the housework all by herself. Next door to her apartment in Amsterdam’s Bijlmer neighbourhood is a children’s farm that she visits almost every day. This is where she feels at home, as she is crazy about animals, especially horses. Labrielle gets along very well with the couple that runs the farm. In a way, they are like parents to her, for she can always turn to them. However, when at the end of the school year she gets her final report, the one she wants to show it to the most is her father.