Annelies Kruk has been studying  Cultural education & at the University of Utrecht and directing and photography at the Media academy in Hilversum, The Netherlands. She also took part in the IDFA Documentary workshop (2009) and followed a year at the Rietveld academy (2017). From 2001 she has worked at NCRV television, children’s department, where she has made small portraits of children. In 2004 she filmed her first children’s documentary NIMA which ended at the 3th (public-award) place at IDFA. Since then she has made various documentaries and won several prizes at festivals around the world.



*Free as a bird/regie (+add camera)/KRO-NCRV/2021  /Nomination Best Short Doc Cinekid
* Scott + Julia (2016)
– First Prize Best Short Doc Moscow Breaking Barriers

-Audience award Ramsgate International Filmfestival UK –

*Mima is Mima/co-regie en co-camera/EO/15 min/Indonesie/Zimbabwe/2019

*Moeders voor de buurt/regie/NTR/2×25 min/2018-2019
Een tweeluik over vrouwen die ‘verdwaald’ zijn in Nederland en die hulp krijgen van twee buurtmoeders

*Gracious/co-regie en camera/EO/16 min/2018/

IDFA competitie 2018

*Scott en Julia/ KRO-NCRV/23 min/2016 

1th Prize Moskow Breaking Barriers Film festival / Audience award Ramsgate International Filmfestival UK/ 

*Los pies de Manuela Solis Velasquez/IKON/20 min/2015

*Yana/ Titaantjes/ VPRO/23 min/2015

*Sisi and Wanwan/IKON/20 min/2014

A film about Chinese adopted twinsisters who save money by playing the harp for the orphans in China.

 Haiduc/co-directing/IKON/18 min/2014

Haiduc means ‘gangster’ and is the nickname of the addicted Nicu, who lives in Bucharest.

Nominated for the Kids&Docs award Mediafonds 2014

Days at the Lennon Park/IDFA 2013/47:30 min

The recidents of the Lennon Park on Cuba have their own special relationship with John Lennon. His statue triggers the revelations about their lives and dreams and show how creative they are in dealing with the limitations of life.

IDFA competition best Dutch documentary

Calling for Koney/Holland Doc/50 min/2013

About the eccentric pastor Koney who tries -in his own Western-Afrikan way-  to help the migrants in his community to find their way in the Dutch bureaucracy.

VADER GEZOCHT met varkensneusje/NCRV/17 min/2012
Jaël (13) wil graag weten wie haar donorvader is. Pas als ze 16 wordt, krijgt ze zijn gegevens. Maar Jaël wil niet meer wachten….

 1th Youthprize at the International Filmfestival Chicago, USA,  2013.

A dress for Anuschka /2010/15 min/NCRV /The Netherlands
A film about a girl(10) who is dreaming of a dress for the wedding of her father
 “2e Best Documentary Jury Prize” en de “Liv Ullman Peace prize” on
International filmfestival Chicago, USA 2011 

I want to go home/2007/15min/NCRV/The Netherlands
A film about fosterparents children
Prize Scenario Kids & Docs 2006/2007, The Netherlands 

La loca girl/2006/15 min/ NCRV / European Broadcasting Union.
A film about a girl who joins a Miss election but isn’t a real miss (but a clown) 

Happy Faces/2006/15 min/NCRV/ The Netherlands
A film about a girl (12) who’s parents are divorced 

NIMA / 2004/15 min/ NCRV/ The Netherlands
A film about a Somalian girl(13)  who is waiting for a staying permit
NIMA 3e public prize IDFA, The Netherlands,  2004
Honorable mention Prix D’Anube Bratislava, Slowakia, 2005
Best Film For Youth on International Cinema Forum, 2005
Eine Welt Filmpreis, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany  2007

Spring Spring/Co-regie/2012/13 min/EO
Naisi/co-regie /2011/ 12min/EO